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Wire Harness 1
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Wire Harness 4
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Our wire harnesses are designed and built to be reliable. DC voltage range, rugged, mobile weatherized
Wire types
We stock many colors and sizes of GXL, GPT, MTW and others.
Cutting, Marking, Stripping, and Automatic Termination
InSource has 4 wire processing lines. 2 Artos machines cut, mark, strip and terminate all in one easy operation. We can mark on all colors of wire.
AMP/Tyco, Deutsch, Molex, Panduit are in stock with many other options available in short notice.
AMP/Tyco, Deutsch, Molex, Panduit and many other connectors are available.
Ultrasonic splicing
We splice and heat shrink wire connections to eliminate multiple wires going into a single terminal, butt connections, and simplify ground wires.
Corrugated split loom, braided sleeving or nylon yarn braided over the wire for abrasion resistance.
Laser marking
We can laser etch on plastics and metal for permanent marking eliminating the need for labels.
Our wire harnesses are tested for polarity, continuity, and resistance on our Dynalab testing equipment. We check the crimp heights and perform pull tests to ensure quality.
Wire Harness 6
Wire Harness 7
Check out our selection of cables here!
Battery cable types SGT, SXT, welding cable and many others are available.
Lugs and connectors
Many different standard cable sizes and connector are “stock” and many more are available.
Engineering solutions
We can customize for your application
Wire Harness 8
Wire Harness 9
wire harness
Our connectors are protected from nature’s elements with durable potting.  Learn more about it below!
Plastic Injection over mold
InSource injects many types and sizes of PVC onto standard connectors for strain relief and water proofing.
Available sizes
Many different standard cable sizes and connector tooling is currently available.
Potted enclosures
InSource has 2 part epoxy potting machines to pot your box. Different cure times and material are available for your need.
Engineering solutions
We can customize for your application.