As you consider your business needs for suppliers or contract manufacturing partners, we would like you to consider InSource.

Contract Manufacturer opens in Paulding OH

InSource opened for business Jan. 1, 1997 in a 2,500 sq. ft. facility.  In our first year, we built a single product and did engineering work for 1 customer while employing 10.  In 2013, we made 1,479 products for 40 customers in 60,000 sq. ft. with 124 employees.

InSource has chosen not to pursue our own product line, but rather perform services for OEMs who have product specifications and sales/distribution.  We get to see a variety of products, customers and markets.  It is a strong point with our customers that we are not their competitors.

InSource is privately held.  We are not for sale at any price and the one thing that would change our mind is if we can no longer serve our customers well – see “with persistence…” in our mission.

Increasing capabilities for contract manufacturing work

InSource invests in people, facilities, equipment and processes to serve an expanding customer base. This builds capabilities and capacities while improving our cost structure.  Some of the capabilities (year we started):

  • Automatic termination added to wire processing machines (2009).
  • Laser etching of connectors and braid looming of harnesses (2009).
  • Our own SMT (surface mount) circuit board capabilities (2010).
  • Injection molding to improve durability and water proofing of poke-in connectors (2011).
  • Condensing unit (refrigeration) production (2012)
  • Robotic thru-hole soldering capabilities for high volume applications (2012).
  • CNC small copper tube bender (2012).
  • X-ray inspection equipment to supplement photo inspection of boards (2013).


Outside of administration, our longest standing employee is Deb Bakle. She has worked at InSource through thick and thin since December 1997.

Deb says:

I really feel privileged that I got to start when the company was just starting out and grow up with this company. This company has family values which I’m proud of.

Jen Stetler has been with InSource since March 1999.

Jen shares,

Working at InSource has been a fun experience for me. The people I work with and for have made it that way. I hope it continues for a long time.