As you consider your business needs for suppliers or contract manufacturing partners, we would like you to consider InSource.

1997Something out of Nothing

Family Business opens in a 2500 sq foot facility. Builds 1 product (Refrigerant Identifier) and provides contract engineering services for 1 customer while employing 10.

InSource opened a contract manufacturing business on Jan. 1, 1997 in a 2,500 sq. ft. facility.  In our first year, we built a single product and did engineering work for 1 customer while employing 10. It included electronics, wiring harnesses, and was used in the refrigeration market.

InSource has chosen not to pursue our own product line, but rather perform services for OEMs who have product specifications and sales/distribution. It is a strong point with our customers that we are not their competitors. InSource is privately held.

1998New Addition, New Products

Added 9,000 sq ft manufacturing space and 4 new products went into production after engineering re-design.

InSource expands manufacturing operation by building a 2nd attached pole building adding 9,000 sq. ft. The one product built in 1997, tripled forecast! Our customer hired us to re-design the Refrigerant Identifier and 3 models of charging scales. All of these products went into production.

1999Wiring Harnesses, Software Engineering, Electronic Instruments

Builds Wire Harness Assemblies for our 1st Wire Harness Customer. Engineering adds Embedded C Software Capabilities. Start production of Electronic Instruments such as Leak Detector and Vacuum Gauges.

InSource adds Electronic products including refrigerant leak detectors, vacuum scales and control panels. Software engineering support becomes the key to unlocking more opportunities. InSource starts building their own wire harnesses and cables. We purchased a small business with one steady customer besides serving our own needs. The voyage to reduce dependence on one customer begins.

2001Box Build Electronics

Begins assembly of electronic products that controls light/siren function in the specialty vehicle market. Vertical integration into PCB assembly reduces overall lead time.

InSource secures another Electronic customer to broaden out our base. This product involves PCB Assembly with wire harness integration into an enclosure. It is 100% tested with end of line test equipment. Visual inspection on key points are also included.

2002Chassis Harnesses

Begins supplying custom cable and wire harness assemblies to a local ambulance manufacturer. Later “added value” is provided by kitting harness packages for specific trucks to aid in customer efficiency.

InSource purchased ultra-sonic splicing equipment to replace butt connectors. We secured business that required it and have offered it to multiple customers since. This UL recognized form of connecting wires increases reliable of a spliced joint. We build large, custom cable and wire harness assemblies used in ambulance chassis. InSource provides a kit for each truck at the station specified by the customer.

2004Fluid transfer through Copper Tube Fabrication and Refrigerant Hose Assemblies

Begins to supply copper tubes and brazed assemblies to the refrigeration/specialty tools industry. Our pattern has been to embrace adding capabilities to meet the needs of OEM’s. This complimented our Refrigerant hose assembly line.

InSource responded to our customers request to bend and braze copper tube assemblies. Our costs were much lower and quality much higher than the current supplier. This complimented our fluid transfer offerings as we already built refrigerant hose assemblies. The process is the same with cutting to length and adding connections.

2006Hardware Engineering

Adds In-House Schematic Creation and Board Layout. Over the years we have seen value in investing in our Engineering capabilities.

InSource provide hardware engineering services and support for products that we build. We keep costs low and design with manufacturability in mind. These services have allowed us to avoid production delays when component parts become hard to find. Each design is controlled by the OEM, supported by InSource.

2007Product Launch

Embedded Design Engineering is provided to develop Electronics for Field GPS unit to customer in agricultural market. Product Launch a major success and InSource begins production. Our specialty and experience is Design to Build.

InSource was asked to manage the design on a major product launch for an electronic system to monitor seed corn placement in the field. The first beta run launched into production and termed a “success”. This customer has been the largest contributor to our success since 2007.

2009Wire Harness Technology

Automatic termination added to wire processing machines. Laser Etching of Connectors and Braided Looming of Harnesses. Investment in Technology increases design options and consistency!

InSource continues to expand wire harness building capabilities with potting, nylon loom braiding, laser etching, and automation terminal crimping. We decreased cost and increased consistency…making us more valuable for wire harness customers. Wire harness design services are offered to current customers. InSource divided into 2 business units to better serve customers. Each business unit could focus on their customers and respond quickly to their needs.

2010SMT Board Production

Investment made to SMT Circuit Board Capabilities to better control lead time. Production Capacity increases while product defects are decreased.

The value of InSource electronics extends beyond PCB Assembly. After exhausting 8 PCB suppliers in 14 years, we purchased equipment to build our own. Review of component shortages and managing seasonal demand were the initial reasons. Better pricing, more control over production, and reduced lead times and quality defects help keep our Box build assemblies competitive.

2011Plastic Injection Molding

Capabilities are added for Injection Molding. Improvement in reliability and waterproofing of connectors.

InSource brings value to OEMs with weatherized over molded connections. We have in-house Plastic injection molding equipment and engineering to support custom tooling designs. Many standard sizes and connections are already available.

2012Programmable Logic

Added Robotic Thru-Hold Soldering. CNC small copper tube bender.

2013Board Inspection Upgrade

X-ray inspection equipment to supplement photo inspection of boards (AOI)

2014Condensing Units

InSource begins producing its own line of Standard Condensing Units. Our units utilize Cubigel compressors and Modine coils for Reliable Refrigeration!

2016Enhance Business Systems

Production Facility now 60,000 sq ft with 125 employees. Received ISO 9001:2008 Certification in December. Founder and President retires. InSource Apps.

2017Leadership change

New President/CEO begins. Better Capacity Planning initiative launched.