Supply Chains

New Ohio Requirements

Ohio requires additional actions from manufacturing businesses:

  • Daily disinfecting of desks and workstations (in addition to high-contact surfaces)
  • Daily assess symptoms including taking temperature with a thermometer
  • Require employees to wear face coverings (with a few exceptions)

InSource requirements for temperature testing (March 23), travel quarantine (March 30), and face coverings (April 2) expire by May 3 and are replaced by state requirements.

Special waivers (March 25) to allow reduction in hours without loss of benefits or use of paid time off also expire by May 3.

Adjust Customer Schedules

The Sales/Customer Service team remains in close contact with customers.  Some request stop shipment or reduced deliveries.  Others desire continued deliveries and have identified key products that are on backorder or shutting down lines.  We planned for a 40% reduction in output from April 1 to 17 and actually experienced a 16% reduction.  Demand through the rest of 2020 is softer for most customers except for those in the agricultural products market.

First Suspected Case Tested Negative

First suspected case had negative test result – 25 quarantined individuals due to close contact are cleared to return to work – sick individual will return to work when meeting Ohio guidelines

Receive 10 forehead thermometers and distribute to supervisors/coaches

Masks Required

Require mask (worn correctly) when working at InSource (except for when eating)

This correlates with changing recommendations from the CDC

First Employee Suspected of Having COVID-19

First employee with suspected COVID-19

Send 25 additional employees home for quarantine on doctor’s authority

Meet with all employees – explain situation, hear their concerns, explain EPSL and EFMLA

Health Department calls to understand situation – satisfied with our response

Create forms for EPSL and EFMLA

Quarantine after Travel

Require one-week isolation (then another week with mask) when traveling outside of OH/IN since 3/16

Masks available for new hires/trainers and those who have recovered from sickness

Health Department Check-in

Health Department calls to verify that we are essential and reinforce health measures

InSource sends letter outlining the portions of the Ohio Health Order that apply to InSource as well as declarations from customers

Allow Reduction in Hours

Remove health plan penalties for less than 36-hour work weeks

Paid time off not required to meet 40-hour schedule

Post Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) information from Department of Labor