Cost of Regulations

Regulations begin with an honorable purpose. A problem is identified and governments or large corporations feel compelled to address it because “the people” want it fixed. As solutions are kicked around, decision makers eventually decide between a few alternatives. Will they use public funds to research, implement findings, educate the population, and ultimately change human behavior? Or will they give the problem to corporations and insist that they find a solution and suffer penalties if they don’t? The second choice is often used because it doesn’t involve a direct raid on the treasury….

Surprisingly Short Lead Times

At InSource, we surprise you with how quickly we can build custom products from scratch. Life is too short for endless planning cycles and schedule adjustments. We wait until we know what you need and still deliver your product in time to keep your lines humming.

Change to Requirements for Manufacturers

Ohio has clarified a couple of requirements for manufacturing businesses: A practical reason for not wearing a facial covering is having manufacturing employees separated by more than six feet or by a barrier when performing their jobs on the manufacturing floor....

New Ohio Requirements

Ohio requires additional actions from manufacturing businesses: Daily disinfecting of desks and workstations (in addition to high-contact surfaces) Daily assess symptoms including taking temperature with a thermometer Require employees to wear face coverings (with a...