Life in the Contributors Lane

Are we waiting for others to clean up their act to make our life better?  Does the world owe us a living?  Do others owe us respect without effort or merit?  Are we a contributor or a freeloader?  Do others feel we bring value and fulfillment to their lives?  Does it matter to us?

Inventory Management and Impact of the COVID-19 Virus

The COVID-19 virus brings inventory management into sharp focus to preserve cash.  Consider the following quote from Ella Wheeler Wilcox:  One ship drives east and another drives west by the same winds that blow.  It’s the set of sails and not the gales that determine...


Outsource to InSource. Use of contract manufacturing, in light of traditional make “in house” or buying from suppliers.
How are the terms different and when do they apply? What should operations and sourcing teams consider when deciding to outsource and to which contract manufacturer?