Email Productivity

“Are you overwhelmed by your emails? Do you feel like you are missing something but you can’t remember what? Do you miss meetings? Are you late to your own meeting?” These might be considered “normal” in this tech age…but it doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN become organized and productive in this ever-changing world.


Outsource to InSource. Use of contract manufacturing, in light of traditional make “in house” or buying from suppliers.
How are the terms different and when do they apply? What should operations and sourcing teams consider when deciding to outsource and to which contract manufacturer?

The Secret Of The Six

I have a secret. Once you hear my secret, it will not be “my” secret, but “our” secret. It is a secret to sell an idea. My secret is an open secret. I am not trying to hide any thing, I am going to very open about it. My secret is to have a plan. I call it the secret...

Making The Complicated Things Simple

Life in the business world is complicated and we can’t change that.  People are unpredictable and events are uncertain.  Yet, we can navigate through the chaos by simplifying the way we think and cooperate to deliver value despite the pitfalls.It starts...

Shorter Lead Times

What is your lead time? Can your customer wait for product while you wait for your parts? Your customers need product fast!
Read the article to find out how to reduce your lead time.

True Cost of Manufacturing. The value of Contract Manufacturing

True Cost of Manufacturing. The value of Contract ManufacturingDo you know the costs of manufacturing? I mean really know. You know what your parts cost and you know how many hours that it takes but do you know the true cost?

There are 2 principles to follow to be successful in manufacturing. Always remember these 2 things:

  1. Earn more than you spend.
  2. Spend less than you earn.