Cost of Regulations

The Hidden Cost of Regulations   Regulations begin with an honorable purpose.  A problem is identified and governments or large corporations feel compelled to address it because “the people” want it fixed.  As solutions are kicked around, decision makers...


We all have questions like “How is the sun exactly the right distance from the earth to sustain life?”
While we do not answer that one…we do answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Life in the Contributors Lane

Are we waiting for others to clean up their act to make our life better?  Does the world owe us a living?  Do others owe us respect without effort or merit?  Are we a contributor or a freeloader?  Do others feel we bring value and fulfillment to their lives?  Does it matter to us?

Surprisingly Short Lead Times

At InSource, we surprise you with how quickly we can build custom products from scratch. Life is too short for endless planning cycles and schedule adjustments. We wait until we know what you need and still deliver your product in time to keep your lines humming.

Inventory Management and Impact of the COVID-19 Virus

The COVID-19 virus brings inventory management into sharp focus to preserve cash.  Consider the following quote from Ella Wheeler Wilcox:  One ship drives east and another drives west by the same winds that blow.  It’s the set of sails and not the gales that determine...

Managing Health Care Expenses

Shaking off the Apathy It was 2017 and health care costs were becoming a real menace.  After five years averaging 10% annual increase in the cost of health care, we could no longer act like it was someone else’s job to manage.  Health care costs had grown to be our...

Email Productivity

“Are you overwhelmed by your emails? Do you feel like you are missing something but you can’t remember what? Do you miss meetings? Are you late to your own meeting?” These might be considered “normal” in this tech age…but it doesn’t have to be that way. You CAN become organized and productive in this ever-changing world.


Outsource to InSource. Use of contract manufacturing, in light of traditional make “in house” or buying from suppliers.
How are the terms different and when do they apply? What should operations and sourcing teams consider when deciding to outsource and to which contract manufacturer?

The Secret Of The Six

I have a secret. Once you hear my secret, it will not be “my” secret, but “our” secret. It is a secret to sell an idea. My secret is an open secret. I am not trying to hide any thing, I am going to very open about it. My secret is to have a plan. I call it the secret...

Making The Complicated Things Simple

Life in the business world is complicated and we can’t change that.  People are unpredictable and events are uncertain.  Yet, we can navigate through the chaos by simplifying the way we think and cooperate to deliver value despite the pitfalls.It starts...